The use of network marketing QQ group inside the offbeat way

said Tencent QQ registered users has exceeded six hundred million, but also the birth of many kinds of QQ group. Huge QQ group is a good place to promote the network. I believe many Wangzhuan the old get a lot of benefits from the QQ group. Here is how I use QQ group to conduct network marketing.

first thing from 2008 start, when I was in Xiamen a company engineer, because the night do not work overtime, the company is located is not remote, what place to go, so he made a human resource website to pass the time, also apply for a Google account for Google alliance to earn several advertising. Do a good job after the site is how to find the flow, it is also do not understand the SEO and the long tail keywords, can be regarded as a rookie rookie. See QQ group often send a variety of advertising information, I also put my own web site with a few words to attract people everywhere QQ friends and QQ group sent. After all is made by hand to send the efficiency is not high, to the flow of every day is not much, very few. Due to the number of times to send, but also often be kicked out of the QQ group administrator.

I want to send this manual is not a good way, you can find a software to cluster? I search in Baidu, I found me a mass QQ software, pay the registration fee to start software software, I use the software group added more than 1 thousand and 800 and human resources group the number, I began my Wangzhuan trip. First I edit the mass information, write back some more attractive topic on my website, move the software mass button, like those information from a gun to a shell as a QQ to go. The second day I opened Google account a look, darling, one day yesterday, an increase of seven dollars of income, watching Google account $income is increasing every day, my heart.

good flowers don’t often open, not every day is Sunday in. One night in 2008, I after dinner as usual to sit beside the computer, the group of QQ software to open, but this is not the end of a group of my QQ head is grey, automatic assembly line, at the time I thought it was a software what’s wrong, quickly to the software developers to send the information asked him what was the matter? He said he is looking for a reason!

the next few days are like this, every time when sending dozens of private chat information will be automatically dropped and re login also fill in the verification information and modify the password, even if the log cannot be sending information, send a message to ask developers, he told me that the original Tencent QQ upgrade, have the shielding function of preventing mass spam more advanced, as long as you are of the same content information mass exceeds a certain number will be judged as spam information, especially information on more strict control with links, be judged as mass spam will be forced offline qq. I completely lost hope, QQ group this road has not, to another method to it.

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