Reluctant to give up the child can not set the wolf with a small gift in exchange for more users

received an address of a friend sent on Q today, Taobao is doing a "good story", as long as you log in and fill in your harvest address, website will give you send a gift, it seems very attractive.

I also tried to leave their own harvest address, enter the information, but also prompted to enter the phone number, and then get the verification code, the final confirmation of personal information. But after confirming the information, but also to tell you, to be recommended to 6 friends, in order to get a gift. At this time I was not happy, not continue. However, many people would like to have come to this step, and then recommended to 6 friends can get a gift. So follow the prompts, enter the 6 friends of the information, hoping to get this gift.

to the end, may really get this little gift, but at the same time "betrayed" 6 friends. Look, this is the original extension of "Taobao Jianghu" SNS community website, the website with a step by step tips, get this gift has also become a "Taobao Jianghu" registered users, a SNS community member. Layers of progressive, step by step induction, is really a clever promotion.


activity, while sending some small prizes, but the effect is very obvious, which is typical of viral marketing. Daily contact with the network promotion, contact with marketing, often in the A5 Adsense nets see webmaster website promotion articles, more and more sensitive to the way of promotion. Because the understanding of similar marketing, so I did not continue to recommend to friends, promotion effect in my termination here, but more ordinary users, they will according to the website that, in order to obtain the gift, recommend to the 6 friends in the other six friends will be recommended to the other 36 friends…… and so on, influence is expanding step by step, the amazing effect of marketing.

often see many shops discount promotions, advertising posters, publicity is very good, discount none greatly, so you will tell my friends to go shopping, friends to tell their friends, has been circulating out, a twenty hundred, the virus marketing is very powerful. Webmaster do website promotion, every day thinking about how to let more people know their own website, think more suitable way to promote Taobao is the "friends general mobilization" to the owners to provide a good guide, try the webmaster.

, for example, organizes an activity to answer questions on the website to prepare some attractive gifts for users. Users answer the right questions, but also need to leave 6 questions to the designated six people to answer, as long as these six people answered correctly, the user can get the site to provide gifts. At this time, the user will mobilize his six friends to help him achieve this desire, take the initiative to answer questions. When the 6 questions are answered, the user gets the gift he wants. The 6 friends know this situation, but also want to get a reward, so it will continue to register, answer questions, and then tell the 6 friends, and gradually form a virtuous circle. >

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