A successful case of SMS marketing

SMS marketing, just as its name implies is to send to ordinary mobile phone text messages to achieve marketing objectives marketing means. Although I did not do the SMS marketing, but I was a lot of people to marketing. Today, Shao Lianhu is a marketing person to treat the problem of SMS marketing.

SMS marketing I remember a few days ago it was more famous, then how many of the ten thousand pieces of information I forgot, but also agents. However, at that time I do not, because I do a free marketing approach. However, for SMS marketing I believe there are still a lot of businesses and businesses have done, after all, spend some money advertising is necessary.

in recent years, SMS marketing is not hot, but it should have been done. Some time ago, I wrote my mobile phone often receive some spam messages. I see, the original is the time to do the task before leaving the phone number. Which know, began to receive spam messages, I have to pull black. However, the phone has done a system to receive spam messages. The following figure:


this ad is sent to me by Lu Jin, and often hair, very annoying. I was a pig in front of the network to do a CPA task, is this site, just to make money. However, after the completion of this task has been found after the phone is often received such spam messages, I am tired of watching, I would like to ban no way, then only to pull the black better.

for such harassing messages, I do not know if you have received. We are not interested in this kind of advertising at all, these companies often send us a message advertising, very annoying. Originally, I have nothing to do with Lu Jin, there is no bad feeling. Since I always received their spam messages, I began to think of them, and I hate to go crazy.

What is the purpose of

SMS marketing, just let the user see your ad? In fact, many ads do not do as much as we do. Just like Lu Jin, we don’t have any feelings for you, but when your ads are annoying, they get very angry. Worst of all, some people go around to expose your disgusting behavior, your marketing will only have the opposite effect.

finish this annoying SMS marketing, I’ll give you a more successful case of SMS marketing:

a month ago, my son was born, in the hospital, there are some studio to give his son the free camera. It’s free, in fact, they want your kids to go to the moon. There are several phase of the museum staff to take pictures, have left the phone number. From then on, often received someone to advertise to send photos. I really hate telemarketing, so the direct pull black since then did not re.

some time ago, I received a text message, which is a local golden childhood

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