Wu Di micro blog marketing see micro blog’s marketing power


is now hot or not, the first is the Sina Pathfinder, after Tencent "imitation". We are all optimistic about micro-blog this fat.

micro-blog’s future is not to mention, as the network push, you must have a keen sense of the new things on the Internet, micro-blog marketing has become a topic of all the recent push network research.

Sina micro-blog I have applied for one, because the topic is not much, so the popularity has been bad, so I conceived several other ways to attract the audience.

1: to attract audience Wolf: a new account, played a very tender name. Posted on some of the less well-known beauty picture up (preferably with a set of plans, the best sexy sexy naked. To attract a portion of the audience (most of them a wolf audience), and if you are forwarding a number of photos. These people will immediately help you forward, and you only need proper time to send a photo. Copy the hot topic every day, plus a few words in front of you. Hair several times. Such a little bit more popular. I used a number, the first day of the audience of more than and 100 people, second days, more than and 200 people. And just take a few minutes every day for ten minutes.

2: pay attention to the law: find yourself want to marketing object, for example, you are a kind of local web site, then go to the local population, if you are a mother and child class website, then go to listen to the woman about 30 years old. According to the object you want to sell, and to understand what they are interested in, to register their own account, information, and then listen to every day, listen to the maximum number of restrictions. So when the other party found someone to listen to their own immediately after the data, and is likely to listen to each other.

3: content is king: look at the title seems like a lot of SEOER said. Sina micro-blog has a cold joke selection, we all know. A non official certification of micro-blog can have so much popularity is certainly not opportunistic can achieve. Or we need to consciously forward, listen. Then the content is also a top priority for a micro-blog.

above three points is to increase the audience approach. The following two examples to refer to the specific ways of marketing.

talk about yourself first. I have a pet forum, popularity is not very good, he often used to experiment with SEO related knowledge, was also included in the K was K, take it to test the next micro-blog.

chance, I found a very embarrassed.


is the one that is shared by everyone on the internet. So take it down, PS, plus the name of your site address, and then sent to the micro-blog Tencent.

the first day was forwarded 20 times a few days, the second day to go to work, plus their hot topic, again forwarded. The second day, was forwarded 40 times. And there are many celebrities (certified).


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