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site summary several learned method of site traffic increase and in practice:

1 site shunt: the use of existing traffic, drive new traffic, for example you can add code in the existing pop-up page, put a noticeable word in a prominent position, can attract clicks, once the new website is attractive enough, you can hold a fixed access group.

2 search engine optimization: a new web site has not done advertising, it is the majority of traffic from the search

from the new station 0IP to 3000IP above the basic process:

A. site, no broken chain structure can not be too deep, the website directory structure once is set, because change the site structure easy to decline in the rankings, the best two level directory, each directory to optimize a keyword, each page carefully optimized, with the keyword, don’t put on each page one or two keywords you can. Each page can have a clear navigation, any page can enter the website the best page (though not impossible, but try to do a total station. The index page, map page.), if not do the page, download a blog program, to generate the kind of static, this is SEO, it is useful, because you can use pinyin or English keywords as the file name, to search.

B. submitted to the search entrance, conditional on the exchange links and some PR stations, if not to search engines frequented by the forum to send link posts (you can see the search engine is not included in this forum Dongdong)

C. every day to update the page once, add content, add some external links, even if it is not the other link to you, you can also link to others, do not think that eating, probably reflects the Internet search engine algorithm " " share; the spirit of it, recommend external links to the search engine’s benefits is big, the chain and some related content and you stand high traffic, PR high site. The active site is higher, the more the search spiders often visit your site, of course included the opportunity and the number of pages included more.


D. at least once a week to exchange a link with others, after all, the anti chain is still needed.

E. in the list of words found in Baidu hot words, do a word about the web page, this page is best controlled within 20KB and then do some of the web page of the anti.

F. so after some time, you will find the website by some search engines on the counter, it is very well done, often to see what the word "little more, then you have to change this page, can add more content for this web page, or as a key to build a directory, create a small station and so on, of course, take some work.

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