Don’t let enterprise website die

recently read an article called: enterprise website is dead! Said: "" Internet information resources survey report "shows that 51.5% of the corporate Web site page views a day in 50, and this percentage is growing. In other words, more than half of the enterprise site is in a state of sleep. This group of data will undoubtedly convey to us the message: enterprise website is gradually dying."

In this paper, some disadvantages of

enterprise website construction in this very reasonable, so that readers can not help for the enterprise website nieyibahan. However, I would like to thin, I think: enterprise website can not die!

enterprise website construction market in the rapid development. The latest CNNIC released "the twentieth Chinese Internet development report" shows that as of June 2007, the number of sites China has reached 1 million 310 thousand, half year increase of 470 thousand over the same period in 2006, an increase of 520 thousand, an annual growth rate of 66.4%." This data shows that the number of domestic web sites accounted for more than 70% of the number of enterprises in the rapid growth of the site.

the birth of a large number of new enterprise website marked the beginning of many companies began to use the internet. The reason why many companies no site visit, ostensibly because the corporate website "flashy without substance" and "lack of interaction", "information monotonous" and "no management" and other reasons, but the deeper look is because there is no relationship between the correct understanding of enterprise website and network marketing. In general, the enterprise website has two requirements, one is to use the Internet to carry out marketing activities, one is the use of Internet services in enterprise management, in a nutshell is the network marketing and enterprise informatization.

for the latter, generally applicable to large enterprises to improve work efficiency and coordination office, but for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, the main purpose of the site is to carry out network marketing. If the enterprise is not clear why blindly launched Web site, the pursuit of the beautiful, good-looking, and the so-called "publicity" empty "brand communication", it will naturally appear "information embarrassment no applause" — we read news, netizens on the Internet, or shopping, or in the internet entertainment, vent, nonsense, who had time to see this useless company website


for SMEs, they do not want to do a website, but to do network marketing.

network marketing is the use of the Internet to carry out various marketing activities, these activities first need an online marketing platform; build a good platform, through effective promotion, let the interested people know this platform, know the enterprises to provide products and services; visitors through the platform of information display, interactive services and enterprises to establish the final the contact has become the target customers, and even reached a deal. This is a complete network marketing process. In this process, the role of enterprise website is an online marketing platform.

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