Watercress completed nearly ten million U S dollars financing will moderate expansion team

                January 25th news, watercress network founder Yang Bo said, watercress network was completed in the second half of last year nearly ten million U.S. dollars of financing. This is the second in 2006 after LIAN investment sources watercress network 2 million U.S. dollars, watercress network access to the second round of financing. LIAN ceyuan and Zhi capital letters for this round of investment led.

"Zhi capital letters and watercress have very consistent view of the company’s long-term development direction. Watercress is committed to improve people’s daily life, but also has loved capital letters for a new life style has a strong interest, "said Yang Bo explained why choose loved the letter capital investment.

can profit has been plagued China Internet, especially Web2.0 site problems. The author observed that Douban last year in the business development is growing fast, are CONVERSE, Ford, HP, Swatch and other brands have long term business with watercress, in addition, watercress network launched the "shopping list" service, "online ticket seat selection" will also stimulate bean income growth, watercress users through the "buy" and "tickets online seat selection" after completing the order, watercress will be from the hands of a partner to obtain Commission income.

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