Zhejiang a paraplegic youth entrepreneurship network by unremitting self improvement

editor comments: when people become self reliant, do the webmaster should be self-improvement, look at the spirit of self-reliance and self-reliance of the youth, can bring you some inspiration

            xinhuanet.com Hangzhou in February 10, when many people in the financial turmoil for jobs distressed when, from Zhejiang County of Tonglu province Zheng Quanjun – a paraplegic patient is self-reliance, open shop on the Internet to feed themselves.

in 31 years of life on the road, Zheng Quanjun has repeatedly suffered misfortune. At the age of 12, Zheng Quanjun was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, and lead to rheumatoid arthritis. At the age of 18, he was paralyzed. After treatment in more than and 30 hospitals, he can only rely on crutches to walk.

Zheng Quanjun did not give up the idea of self-reliance, at the age of 21, with the help of his family, he opened a grocery store, you can scrape. However, unfortunately, in 2005 again: one day, open the car out of the disabled Zheng Quanjun astray, panic even turn into the ditch, causing Zheng Quanjun 6, 3 thoracic lumbar fractures, final paraplegia.

since then, Zheng Quanjun’s daily life can not take care of themselves, can only sit in a wheelchair every day. "The window to the outside world is left behind." Zheng Quanjun said that on the Internet, he made a lot of friends, they brought him a lot of support and help.


cannot paraplegic quench my enthusiasm for life, I want to through the network of self-reliance." Zheng Quanjun said that last year, one of his relatives received a list of foreign trade, the production of 40 thousand pairs of children gloves. Because the world economy is bad, all the gloves are stacked in the warehouse. Thus, in the encouragement of friends, Zheng Quanjun took these gloves, opened shop in Taobao.

relatives promised him 5 dollars for every pair of gloves. A computer, a network cable, do not have to go out, this is my best choice for survival." Zheng Quanjun said.

in his view, although the shop business in general, but he believes that through the efforts of all things will get better.

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