Thunder today sued Sohu Sogou copyright infringement

news October 26th, following the September 15th, hundreds of companies, Sohu and other institutions to set up "Chinese network video anti piracy alliance to prosecute, initiate a new wave of network video industry. NetEase science and technology was informed that the thunder today will sue Sohu’s Sogou copyright infringement.

25, thunder stakeholders in an NetEase technology interview revealed that in October 22nd the thunder has completed the preservation of evidence for copyright infringement in the Sohu’s Sogou, 26, thunder will be formally charged Sohu in Beijing and Shenzhen. In September, Sohu and excited net friend bullock and other more than and 100 enterprises and institutions set up "Chinese network video anti piracy alliance, and announced in the inland next year continued to prosecute a number of infringing websites. The first case of the alliance is Youku sued, Youku union sued infringement, the claim of nearly billion. Search and Sohu thunder Sogou search dog has a direct competition, the first half of this year, the Sohu announced the indictment of the thunder, cool 6 network and the 56 Network, the reason given is that the Sohu three websites without playing Sohu copyrighted "my youth who advocate" a drama.

sources, the infringement and anti infringement big station has been caught in the Rosen door, the recent Sohu will also be action.

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