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Makies provides the character template very hardcore, pinch like villain Bobbi doll, pinch well into the


since the QQ show service, creating a virtual image of the network itself (English in this thing called "Avatar", also known as Afanda) has become a hobby of many people. "Mass effect 3" and other large game support custom character shape, is set off a "pinch villain" craze. Today, the virtual character printing services to be introduced into the virtual reality Makies products.

opens the Makies home page, the pale blue eyes, she let Xiaobian shocked…… This is obviously the Sadako! But not too much to ask, because the 3D printing products the villain is not rigid, all parts of it can be active, nature can not be done as some Master in "mass effect 3" inside the pinch as beautiful fairy. In fact, if good skin color and facial expressions, Makies pinch out little or very like Bobbi doll.

users if you want to pinch a little man, only need 5 steps: first, choose the villain’s gender. The second step is to select the facial features and face, Makies preset many templates, hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and face can be accurately set. The third step is to choose clothes, you can choose different glasses, scarves, ties, shirts, trousers and shoes. The fourth step is to give him a name. The fifth step is to save the image has been created, the user can create a new account, you can also use Facebook or Twitter account login.

Makies do little person will mail you. This thing is known as the "old London", from the British products. Of course, the price is not cheap, 99 pounds per person, nearly 1000 yuan rmb. In addition, you can also buy some clothes, accessories, what is not cheap, a few pounds to more than ten pounds each. This "sell clothes" revenue model has the charm of penguins.

Makies has got $1 million 400 thousand seed money. Xiao Bian believes that if Makies can support the villain pinch in any way, any user program is better now, can only choose some templates to make people feel quite uncomfortable, and if the craft is not fine, she can’t pinch out deceptive, only scary.

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