Ma Yun proposal to improve Sino US trade relations with Trump

Beijing time on January 10th morning, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma in the Trumpt tower in New York, and the US President elect Donald · Trump in his room for meetings.


the theme of this meeting is the future development and opportunities for SMEs and consumers in global trade. MaYun Atrup expressed to promote friendly cooperation between the two business aspirations, he said: "as an entrepreneur, I certainly hope that the world’s largest economy and second largest economies, to the further development of economic and trade cooperation, it is very important not only for the two countries, small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers in the world are very important. China and the United States need to promote the globalization of small and medium enterprises, to help businesses around the world to do business in the world, which is the responsibility of the two economies, but also the honor and responsibility of each entrepreneur."

Trump in an interview with Ma after the end of the interview, said they had a good meeting, will do great things, will focus on small and medium enterprises.

Ma Yun also introduced to China, the development trend of small businesses and new forms of consumption of. Ma Yun said that China is now turning from manufacturing power to large consumer. Chinese 300 million middle class, the near future will be increased to 500 million, China will become the world’s largest importer and consumer market, the small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers, is also a great opportunity and reality.

Ma Yun alone in an interview with reporters said: "this is a fruitful meeting to discuss how to help the small and medium-sized enterprises through the Alibaba of this platform, the products are sold in Asia and China. We focus on small and medium enterprises and young people, as well as the U.S. agricultural products sold to china. We also believe that Sino US relations should be strengthened and more friendly."

"we can discuss the trade relationship between China and the United States openly." Ma Yun said to the media, "I think the president elect is very clever, he is willing to listen to various opinions. I offered him advice on how to improve trade, especially in support of small and medium-sized enterprises in cross-border trade."

he has his own concerns, but also has its own solution, he would like to discuss with China how to improve these issues. My advice to him is to better understand the present situation through the business sector in a better way." Ma Yun said.

Ma stressed that "we explicitly discuss, will create and support 1 million small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in the Midwest, let them in (Alibaba) platform, to China and Asian sales in the U.S. agricultural products and services, especially in Southeast Asia, we have a very large market share in Southeast asia."

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