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1 Baidu dual core SDK security vulnerabilities hackers arbitrarily connected mobile phone information  

Chinese Web search engine Baidu’s security technology strength caused by the outside world questioned, just a few days ago, the country broke the family bucket safety scandal. The day before, a US security company said, in addition to a SDK developed by Baidu (development kit tools) have security vulnerabilities, leaving hackers a backdoor, hackers can upload malicious programs on the Android mobile phone, and the execution of the program.

according to the U.S. science and technology news website PCWorld reported that the security company Trend Micro discovered this vulnerability, and external release. This vulnerability may bring security risks to the world’s one hundred million Android phones.

According to

reports, the problems of the development package tool called "Moplus", it is not for ordinary users, but there has been a total of 14 thousand mobile phone software is used, four thousand of them by the Baidu Inc to participate in development.

2 instantly search 2 billion loss mystery: Deng Ya Ping refused to blame Google to return to the mainland?  

for Deng Ya Ping, the immediate search for a loss of 2 billion yuan rumors become her biggest problem in recent years. The day before the long absence of Deng Ya Ping at camp Beckenbauer to attend the third session of the forum, the "lost light 2 billion" message word called "fair mind, rumors will burst". This is the first time Deng Ya Ping responded to the rumors.

since taking up the post of general manager of the search, Deng Ya Ping in a voice of doubt. Even if the loss of 2 billion yuan in the news just a rumor, but a short span of three years announced merger and search Pangu, also shows that the immediate search under the leadership of Deng Ya Ping was not a success.

in fact, although the domestic market has long been Baidu search control, but Robin Li has been the focus shifted to the O2O business, and later 360 and Sogou also borrows the mobile Internet in the East a differentiation strategy, hope in the mobile search share. Plus after a lapse of five years, Google is planning to return to the mainland market, the battle for the domestic search market will usher in a new round of the reign of terror.

3 NetEase cloud music and QQ music reconciliation story Ding Lei active handshake  

October 13th, QQ music copyright cooperation with NetEase reached cloud music, cloud music NetEase to delegate music copyright 1 million 500 thousand first, two platforms have suddenly busy playing together. Seems natural to come together with the two party, are actually playing their wishful thinking.

QQ music and NetEase cloud music official interpretation of cooperation are used to overcome the difficulties of the word, in order to prove the hardships of negotiations. It is understood that the focus is on the two sides of the previous NetEase cloud music infringement issues, and ultimately to the cloud music QQ to pay royalties to the music agreement. As for >

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