Marriage fraud prone three dating sites by the Shenzhen police interviews

Jiayuan, Lily network and edge network become the hardest hit dating fraud. After the police interviewed yesterday, three websites to the Municipal Public Security Bureau anti fraud centre to submit "commitment, commitment to staff on duty 24 hours to strengthen member information audit.

a number of female friends cheated

in April of this year, Ms. Chen said the police, she met on a dating dating site called a man named Lin Feng, the two sides have been telephone contact. Not long ago, the man said home in Hongkong have a new opening, Ms. Chen to send a "money tree" to his family and to the company’s telephone etiquette. Ms. Chen contact with the etiquette company, the other said more than ten thousand yuan. Ms. Chen to the other 16 thousand yuan, after a while she received Lin Feng phone, said his father to talk to her on the phone. The other to Ms. Chen sending a "God of wealth" like, Ms. Chen to the bank teller machine to the other account deposit 13 thousand and 400 yuan, after the discovery deceived, a total loss of 29 thousand and 400 yuan, then alarm.

in June this year, Miss Chen registered account on dating sites, after a man through contact, two people for a period of time, the man with the hotel telephone and Miss Chen in a hotel, and promised to send 600 thousand yuan to her as male and female friends need to contact a lawyer fees, transfer. Then Miss Chen and the lawyer introduced by the man, the lawyer said to pay 1000 yuan fee, so Chen transferred $1000. Then, the man calls also need to pay for the relevant documents, so Miss Chen has four times to each other to provide the account transfer 11 thousand and 900 yuan. The second day, Ms. Chen found the other cell phone off, his QQ was also pulled black, then the alarm.

in March this year, Miss Qiu met a man in marriage nets, both through phone calls and send text messages after contact to determine the relationship between men and women, and the other said to Miss Qiu together to travel abroad, has a contact in the Immigration Department, can help the most convenient way to apply for a passport, provided the other phone, let Miss Qiu contact each other. The other let Miss Qiu on the Internet, remote control of her computer, and then told Miss Qiu to pay a guarantee fee. Let the other Miss Qiu to provide bank card number, verification code and other bank card information. After the transfer of funds, Miss Qiu think more wrong, repeatedly call the man on the phone, found that the phone has been turned off, only to realize that they were fraud.

this year, the city of marriage fraud over 400

yesterday, the Municipal Public Security Bureau anti fraud Center announced the failure of the 300 failed to shut down the disposal of the number of fraud involving telephone code, bank accounts and websites.

it is understood that this year, the city there were all kinds of dating fraud more than 400 Yuzong, cheated of funds accumulated up to nearly more than 600. According to the deployment of Shenzhen anti fraud information crime special action, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau of anti fraud center in August 15, 16 days were interviewed dating fraud more concentrated Jiayuan, Lily network, edge network, the requirements of the relevant business users strictly audit, shielding, delete a lot of false and fraud.

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