March 15th net purchase within 7 days there is no reason to return freight buyers bear


news reporter Xin Shengzhi SAIC yesterday on its official website released the "measures" management of network transactions, which require consumers to purchase goods through the network, have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, and without justification. The "measures" will be implemented from March 15th this year.

"approach" provides that the consumer goods should be returned intact. The business operator shall, within seven days from the date of receipt of the returned goods, return the commodity price paid by the consumer. Unless otherwise agreed, the freight returned to the goods shall be borne by the consumer. However, customized consumer goods, perishable goods, online download or unpacking of consumer audio and video products, computer software and other digital products, as well as the delivery of newspapers and periodicals can not return the column. In addition, according to the nature of the goods and other consumers in the purchase of goods should not be confirmed when the return is not applicable to unreasonable return.

"7 days no reason to return requirement is actually revised in October last year the" consumer protection law "the new provisions, apply to through the Internet, television, telephone, mail and other means of shopping. Vice President Zhao Xudong said yesterday in an interview with the Nandu reporters, China University of Political Science and Law professor China commercial law studies, such consumers return policy is the formation of a trading model of modern market economy to a certain stage of development, but also a consumer protection trading mode, at present in the world is basically accepted. No reason to return more necessary in the online trading environment, because in the network environment, the identification, identification of goods, especially the internal quality of goods in reality is not so easy to judge, if allowed to return, may affect consumers to make trading decisions.

for some people worried about the problem of malicious return, Zhao Xudong said that some consumers may indeed exist in the moral hazard problem, but in the social development to this stage, it should be relatively small. If this situation a lot, such transactions would be unsustainable. Zhao Xudong said, in fact, any transaction may have the risk, which is the cost must be tolerated, not because of the possible risk of denying the transaction itself. Of course, if there is evidence of malicious return, you can give the necessary relief.

"procedures" also stipulates that individuals engaged in commodity trading network, must through the third party trading platform to carry out business activities, and submit information on the true identity of the name, address and valid proof of identity, effective contact to the third party trading platform. The network operators and service providers including the third party trading platform, in the business activities to collect, use consumer information or operator shall be agreed by the collector, and strictly confidential and shall not disclose, sell or illegally to others.

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