The news premature well known site car home in advance of news

network era, more and more people get news from the internet. Different from the traditional paper media is the first time China can quickly release the news, which is incomparable to the other print media. That is some time ago CCTV exposure Baidu PPC and Google, YAHOO search, etc. some search engine websites publish false news, by netizens buy fake products, until the national information department and the State General Administration of press and publication of the exposure of the "vulgar" website, so they denounced the network era and the reliability is not true. But these are at least in front of things, the news after the report, but today in a well-known domestic auto site (car home) browsing but found a more serious problem. The editor of the site has not yet come to the manuscript of the second day ahead of the release on the site, people really do not understand. Then look at the, turned out to be a pure "soft" customers of pure draft publicity.



Red icon on the

for the advance release news

screenshot two


current real time for Thursday January 8, 2009

screenshot three


points can be seen after the release of the release time is still displayed in January 9th, the site is also listed in the name of the editor


screenshot four


figure for the article users message.. Note that the time and time to publish articles.

screenshot five


this figure is the site of the "customer" that is "advance" was published in the article of the vendor

screenshot six


the real acquisition time of the news material..


author of the article

strong regulation in the teeth of the storm vulgar "sites in the country," the automobile manufacturing site in a flagrant way even dare to advance "the news, can not help but admire the web series" courage". Personally think that the "vulgar" website although let users denounce its poison, but the site of the "advance" news is more is worth pondering, the authenticity of the news still exist? This "advance" news appear not let our management of the automotive Web site questions. I hope the site for stand up, for the majority of Internet users an explanation, also hope that the other network media warning, "lead" and "vulgar" in the news "

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