360 com one hundred million behind the gateway leading horses did not move

these days, science and technology circle and domain circle circle of friends was apparently 360 acquisition of 360.com news scraper, it is Madden, prices are staggering. With the rapid development of the domestic Internet industry, the importance of the domain name has been more and more attention by domestic enterprises, the high price of the domain name is also often. Then, the author from the 3 aspects with you to explore why under the original capital to buy 360.com 360.

heavy acquisition of 360.com to accelerate overseas business expansion

now we enter 360.com in the browser, play out the interface is a good search, we should have a number of ideas in mind. Previously, the author talked about the 360 lifting height of search engine brand is imperative, including Mr. Qi Xiangdong also made the corresponding definition of good brand search.

this time, 360.com directly jump to a good search, but also to illustrate the importance of 360 good search, at least a good search strategy is to upgrade to another level. 360 search, which is the predecessor of good search, in the establishment of the past two years, the domestic market has made considerable progress. People who are familiar with and unfamiliar with the old week may know that Zhou Hongyi and 360’s ambition is not just in the domestic market. Now, 360 hand 360.cn and 360.com, brand recognition at home and abroad have been highly unified. So, then, we have reason to believe that 360 in overseas markets will have more and faster action.

360 security products in the country has been the dominant position, at present, a short time will not be too much impact. In the 360 brands of a high degree of unity, the 360 security products can accelerate the expansion of overseas markets. Similarly, the current direct benefit from the acquisition of a good search, it is the 360 companies will be a good search directly to the world. The search market share rising at home, a good search is possible to accelerate the layout of the overseas market. In addition, according to the author, 360 in many countries, the development of the situation is still very good, such as these countries in Brazil. Now, under the high degree of unity of the 360 brands, so some people in the country may understand that the original of our country’s 360 companies and China’s 360 is a company, overseas users can not enter the default 360.cn.

Vodafone deals with other terms between the 360


related sources claimed that 360 of the acquisition for about 3 years, the final is the price of 100 million yuan settled. First of all, we need to know that Vodafone is a real master. Vodafone has nearly $100 billion (6 RMB 100) cash bottom pressure, do not care about a domain name 100 million yuan of income. Domain name sale is a seller, the seller as long as love, can be frozen for 10 years, can also be frozen for 20 years. In addition, if the Vodafone heart, 360.com’s traffic a year can sell a lot of money, but 360 well-known listed

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