New year’s day Baidu Cn domain name a large range of K station phenomenon a large number of industry

A5 webmaster network January 3rd news, the beginning of the new year, this should be a celebration and rest of the day, and new year’s day three days of holidays for the major web site and the webmaster is not peace. From the beginning of the new year, there are a large number of sites to reflect the emergence of a wide range of Baidu site right down by K phenomenon.

a lot of webmasters said their web site appeared to varying degrees of Web site ranking, weight is down, the key words included reduced, flow phenomenon. There are even the number of Web sites to reflect their own capacity from several thousand to a few hundred, while the site itself does not have any exceptions, but also did not do a routine optimization operation. As the horizon, Dalian Wanda industry brand words and keywords page affected station.

search part of the brand words abnormal


webmaster exchange circle a lot of discussion by the K event


query data obtained from each big Adsense communication group and webmaster tools according to the A5 station network, and the related report, SEO Research Association Lu Songsong blog network, the Baidu range right down K station is to spread the.Cn website domain name suffix. The K station mainly shows the following phenomena:

1, mainly affected.Cn,,,.Cc domain name suffix to.Cn domain name, the most serious impact.

2, the affected site keywords ranking decline, a large number of long tail keywords disappear phenomenon. Even some sites appear included phenomenon.

3, part of the industry, the brand word keywords page affected station. A lot of keywords in the first page of the search is Baidu post bar, Baidu encyclopedia and other Baidu products are not related to their own website.

4, Baidu launched the "rumors Ruili algorithm"

5, Baidu official no clear description.

6, COM domain name website traffic weight rise. From the A5 webmaster network data show that during the new year’s day, there is a significant increase in traffic.


, according to Baidu webmaster platform staff said that during the new year’s day indeed received a lot of site ranking fluctuations in the flow of feedback, the current reason is under investigation, did not give a clear conclusion. In addition to the rumors Baidu on-line "Ruili algorithm", the station who are mainly three kinds of speculation on the K:

1, the relevant state departments to investigate the domain name of the site led to filtering.

2, Baidu has temporarily unable to access the CDN node, the instability problem, it is likely that Baidu failure due to accidental injury.

3, Baidu malicious click on the site to punish. These three point of view, the current situation, have not been substantive determination. After all, most of the spread of the.Cn domain name, after a wide range of K stations did not have a similar situation.

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