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guide is not optimistic about the outside world, an important reason is that many people think that its dependence on Taobao is too strong, if Taobao to suppress this pattern will die.

but this is only the surface of some of the speculation, we should see is that Taobao can benefit from shopping? Game relationship between Taobao and the shopping guide is what? Guide in what circumstances will pose a threat to Taobao


shopping guide: let Taobao happy let Taobao worry

more than four years ago, more than a dozen people went to the top of the Mengniu Mengniu, listen to Niu Gensheng talked about Mengniu ecosystem, very inspired, so, Alibaba began to talk about the ecosystem four years ago. Ma judgment Alibaba such a company, the implementation of a strategy requires 3-4 years, up to now, this ecosystem has just turned a circle, the circle of the circle.

and at this time, outside the shopping guide inserted in the ecosystem, just plug in the front of the ecosystem. Frankly, shopping guide mode is in fact to use Ali ecosystem advantage to make money, and even can be said to "rob".

let’s make a bill. Taobao now has 100 million of the UV, with an order of 10 million, conversion rate of about 1%, beautiful and mogujie.com conversion rate I forgot the specific figures, but certainly higher than this.

if no accident, by the end of this year, total UV and beautiful mogujie.com will be more than 10 million (currently seven or eight). Although their UV is Taobao’s 1/10, but they are the category of clothing and apparel, Taobao 80% of revenue from P4P, of which 40% of clothing. They are similar to Taobao P4P CPC advertising model can take a large proportion of Taobao’s revenue, of course, this is the theoretical data. But it is clear that if they work hard, they can do it.

therefore, the face of "money", Taobao may not have no alert. But as for the pressure, some exaggeration.

fact, after the rise of shopping guide model, Taobao is also a beneficiary. Shopping guide website can be a number of scattered Internet traffic into Taobao, Tencent advertising sales lead to beautiful and mogujie.com traffic more than 4 million a day, where they go to buy things all go to Taobao. In this process, Taobao is benefiting.

will let Taobao panic, is a huge shopping guide website, if these shares are scattered, shopping guide will be more popular with Taobao.

"limited API" is a signal of many people interpreted as Taobao to suppress the shopping site, but this is actually the seller to stop rebate cost increase, the shopping site can only be said to be affiliated to the victim.

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