n addition to the new Alipay WeChat copy interface there are actually 6 change

"pixel" copying WeChat event, a new version of Alipay is let more people know. In addition we can see Tucao, Alipay has done what changes.

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July 8th, Alipay released a new version 9. The new Alipay app will name from the original "Alipay wallet" into the "Alipay", the Logo has been replaced by blue. However, this is the new version, triggering the user as well as the media collective tucao.

for the new Alipay interface and WeChat were as like as two peas.

in particular is a new version of APP Alipay added the "friends" entrance level, you can chat, grab a red envelope here, in addition to share Taobao link in this matter clearly reminds us: "this is Alipay, which is Alipay, which is Alipay, the rest of the feeling is…… Familiar and kind.


look at this interface, you can distinguish themselves in Alipay or WeChat? This is a copy of the pixel level.

however, in addition to the many people Tucao point, new Alipay still has some new features.

1 brush face to retrieve the password

forget the password is all people have encountered a headache. The payment service of domestic business group president Fan Zhiming said, the new Alipay APP will be on the line brush face to retrieve the password, retrieve password can be completed in 5 seconds, even if the biochemical makeup can also identify female.


2 hidden account information

The new Alipay

all the financial functions are concentrated in the "fortune" page, including the balance of treasure, treasure, stock, entertainment treasure, even sesame credit.


has not presented in the form of a list of your assets, but the balance of treasure, you treasure, entertainment treasure, including the stock all accounts are opened, on display here, also can put all of the investment were analyzed. If you do not want to "rich", the upper right corner there is a small eyes, make the eyes closed, others can not easily see.


friends to borrow money not to borrow borrow and fear not feel shy, but also, more tangled is the promise of the time passed, friends not yet, you still feel shy to ask him to Alipay app new function can avoid the embarrassment of IOUS in the case, forced him to pay back the money.


Fan Zhiming said that the account function and everyone’s IOU, from system prior to the expiration of the 7 day every day to remind, maturity is not yet the system will automatically deducted from the balance of treasure, but also effect.

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