Your enterprise website in the end in front of the viewer can get a bit

recently a friend company to do a website, call to consult on the Internet for many years I (laugh). In the communication process, for a corporate website manager, even if the next line of business is doing well, but he is really hard to understand, enterprise website, enterprise website is to see who’s doing, the page needs to show where content. In this connection, I think I write good corporate website standard.

friend company is doing hardware sales, more specifically, they are doing domestic agent such as memory, server, storage equipment brands, the agent of the brand has about five or six, such as Adata, MSI and other types of products, generally around 10, different types have different products or name specifications. Do not elaborate on how to do such a corporate website, just look at Baidu, look for a few examples, a simple chat, do an analysis.

small research questions:

1. if you buy a new house, you will have to install, browse the following two corporate websites, which company you are most likely to call



2. soon married, wife sent a diamond ring, too lazy to go shopping, online shopping, do you think you can choose which of the following





3. if you don’t know a website, in the store, the price of homogeneous clothes, which would you choose





promised yes, 99.9% should choose the first. As for the above selection is not in, leaving you to think about, well, we talked about the enterprise website.

why enterprises need to do


display corporate image, promote enterprise products (or services or programs), enhance online communication, add sales channels.

what are the traditional corporate Web site content?

company profile, product introduction, Inc.

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