Sina micro blog’s new marketing center micro task killing grassroots company



Sina micro-blog profit model has been a topic of concern to everyone, grab grassroots micro-blog marketing is our set. Now, Sina micro-blog official micro-blog marketing finally came, grassroots micro-blog marketing company, you tremble?

Sina micro-blog officially for enterprise micro-blog users launched a marketing center, and the marketing center is the first module to pay micro-blog marketing flagship micro task (only the company micro-blog visible).

Sina micro task relative grassroots micro-blog marketing advantage:

the most abundant account resources: a large number of high quality account after the official audit, covering grassroots micro-blog account, the media micro-blog, well-known celebrity micro-blog, star micro-blog, to meet the needs of a variety of promotion.

the most authoritative price: official data to assess the quality of micro-blog account, star identity express account value, effective screening low-quality account, to ensure that the promotion effect.

the most transparent release price: the price of promotion by the micro-blog account to set up their own micro task does not charge any fees to ensure that the lowest cost of promotion of the most secure transaction security.

‘s most secure transaction protection: Official platform to provide content audit, regular release, to ensure that the content is in line with the norms and micro-blog released on time.


looks more like Sina micro-blog is to build an open "marketing" (Zhu Bajie, class of Witkey marketing needs to provide) with unilateral mutual docking. According to Sina, micro-blog does not charge any fees that, at present, is in a period of market development, such as the large majority of micro-blog Zhaoan, ha ha, ha ha.

the following content from Sina official Q& A:

what is a micro task?

micro mission is Sina’s only official micro-blog task platform. Enterprises can mandate micro task application and publish the task in the form of the choice of micro-blog account for commercial compensation information micro-blog original or forward.

any micro-blog account can be authorized "micro task" of my application, and become a member of the micro task platform in through the audit, and will have the opportunity to receive compensation information release task, micro-blog account can be free to choose or reject a task execution, after receiving the task, the task will release micro platform micro-blog task in the task the specified time to micro-blog account identity, the successful implementation of the task can get the corresponding reward task.

micro tasks and other paid content distribution channels


micro task is Sina official task platform, and therefore in terms of standardization, credibility, and transaction security and other content distribution channels have unparalleled advantages.

for micro-blog account, the micro task issued >

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