Net letter office to promote the gambling site Baidu has the responsibility to rectify

August 12 Japanese: yesterday afternoon, Beijing network information office said publicly that the "Baidu night gambling website promotion event, through the preliminary investigation and analysis, the investigation team believes that the Baidu Inc pay promotion business in agent management, promotion information content monitoring, prevention and control technology security loopholes, that produced the phenomenon of illegal search that must be the immediate rectification.


for media reports of "Baidu night gambling site promotion event", Beijing network information office work in accordance with the deployment of the central network information office, Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department in July 19th, jointly with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, tongguanju, Industrial and Commercial Bureau City, the cultural market administrative law enforcement corps and other relevant administrative departments of the joint investigation team stationed in the Baidu Inc, coordination of relevant investigation.

investigation team on Baidu Inc made the following rectification requirements:

first, resolutely implement the main responsibility of the site, in accordance with the Internet information service management approach, the Internet information search service management regulations and other comprehensive rectification, accountability related dereliction of duty.

two, immediately a comprehensive review of business promotion services, the problems of the qualification fraud, unauthorized modification extension contents of enterprises should terminate the cooperation and take effective measures to check and verify of stolen corporate accounts, to ensure the authenticity and legality of the registered account and promotion of commercial behavior, determined not to gambling and other illegal information dissemination channel.

three, perfect commercial promotion service audit system, strict access standards and the termination of cooperation mechanism, real name authentication of commercial account, increase the manual inspection efforts to upgrade the website technology control means, strengthen the audit of the whole promotion behavior, improving the recognition system coverage and accuracy.

four, improve the agency system and the cooperation agreement with the relevant agents, clear agency responsibility, strengthen the effective management of agents.

five, smooth social supervision and reporting channels, improve the admissibility of the report, according to the law to dispose of, and timely and effective feedback processing results, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of Internet users.

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