Online education peibenzhuanyaohe Teacher branding may be profitable


online education peibenzhuanyaohe? Teacher brand may bring profit

online education fire. Recently, the online education sector blowout, more than the number of stock trading limit, in addition to competing capital chase, industry heavyweights have staking. However, after the heat, eventually survived and a few CEO? College geeks Jin Yan said publicly that "the future of online education company 99% will die, because they only see the line, but ignore the education." For online education platform, the quality of the curriculum is the core competitiveness, and the teacher is the core of the staff.

in the future, whether it is online education and traditional education of the game, or contest between online education platform, who mastered the quality of teacher resources, who is more likely to win.

policy does not allow class

system within the teacher will not become the focus of

previously, insiders reflect the online education in the field of examination oriented education, the biggest bottleneck in teachers. On the one hand, the teacher recommended to the counseling agencies will have a huge percentage of students, the Internet companies can not do it; on the other hand, the teacher to the tutorial class part-time, income is not cheap, online courses are their competitors. The potential benefits of traditional educational institutions may become a major obstacle to online education Internet Co cut.

can’t be denied that this resistance does exist, but the use of in-service teachers to earn extra money this demand is not the traditional counseling resources leveraging professor of education and online education focus.

according to the search knowledge cloud education science and Technology Group Vice President Han Shaolong introduction, now education institutions of teacher resources mainly from three aspects, school teachers, teachers and institutions signed, independent schools and institutions the freedom of occupation. Whether it is New Oriental, Global IELTS, school education and other traditional educational institutions, or search online education, such as cloud, the teacher resources outside the system accounted for the vast majority.

in addition, China’s education authorities banned, teachers are not allowed in the social class, or a class, violators can be given administrative punishment or dismissal by their schools, other educational institutions or administrative departments of education. Although there are measures under the policy, but the state has laws first, teachers earn extra money class behavior will be convergence.

a Zhengzhou public school history teacher told TechWeb that the usual teaching and after-school classes occupy almost all the time, no time to participate in other courses, even doubled his income, nor do full-time online education or teacher counseling agencies, because there is a perfect title system and the welfare system of public schools, whether these online education or counseling agencies cannot guarantee.

in terms of teacher resources, online education and traditional counseling agencies to compete for the focus is also outside the system of teachers. At present, the advantages of the traditional educational counseling agencies are still leading, although there are some

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