Mobile phone online pornographic website Weiyuan man jailed for 4 years

Sichuan, Weiyuan, a man in order to illegal profit, in the WAP (mobile phone) on the Internet opened a pornographic website, the development of more than 3000 members, profit of nearly one thousand yuan. Reporters yesterday (November 10th) was informed that the Weiyuan county court in order to copy, spread obscene crimes sentenced the man to 4 years in prison.

this year, 26 year old Li Qiang is Weiyuan County, has been in the household farming, leisure, like tinkering with computers and mobile phones, etc.. "Now more and more people use mobile phone access to the Internet, why not use this opportunity to make a fortune?" at the beginning of this year, earning him a mobile phone website using the idea of making money, thinking, he decided to open a porn site on the mobile phone, the click rate of profit. He made use of the Internet to download a large number of pornographic pictures and pornographic novels in some foreign websites.

in January of this year, Li Qiang in WAP (mobile phone) on the Internet opened a pornographic website, and set up a color and passion, the navigation chain to attract mobile phone users click. Subsequently, he uploaded to the site three times pornographic pictures of the 895, pornographic novels of the 218, and set up a link to the more than 2 thousand. On the site, he was an advertisement for a business link, Li Qiang will be advertising with some attractive words of the title link together, every mobile phone users click on these links once, advertisers will pay 0.2 yuan Li Qiang.

in addition to charge advertisers fees, Li Qiang also vigorously develop paid membership site, registered users can mobile phone texting way, he published charges, mobile phone number, QQ number of cooperative business bank card number on the website. Subsequently, he post and charge the way the development of members of more than 3000 people, access to a total of $999.6 benefits.

in April this year, the public security department found that there is a large number of mobile phone website pornographic content, the site is located in Neijiang, Weiyuan. In April 22nd this year, Li Qiang was detained by public security organs, Li Qiang confessed to his the doings.

court held that: Li Qiang for the purpose of profit, using the Internet, mobile communication terminal replication and dissemination of pornographic electronic information behavior has violated the criminal law, constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, copy, punishment. Li Qiang dissemination of pornographic electronic images, a total of 1113 articles, the circumstances are serious, should be severely punished, after the court of first instance verdict, Li Qiang did not appeal.

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