Video site encountered collective Waterloo

        at the beginning of 2006, various video sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain quickly swept through the general Internet community, rounded out the field of video website exceeded 300, "2006" fully deserve called video. It may be hard to believe that just a year later, the video site has almost become a "poison"". What is the cause of the video site collective experience of Waterloo?


1 Introduction

        Internet era, the earth become smaller and increasingly short cycle, people exclaim "flat world" at the same time, the development cycle of the Internet itself is rapidly shortened, is gradually involved in the fast rhythm of the fate of their manufacturing.

        a beginning with Web2.0 network revolution, from the blog to share video, from the live network covered aura of wealth driven, bubble rising in the direction of the intermediate level lost hundreds of video sites, and at the same time the interpretation of almost the same story, innovation as the core of the Internet industry, who in the same birth worthless?

        this is a game, do not know a close call, is only a beginning, and began to sprint endurance race, who can escape the doom of death, become more lucky, left for the king, perhaps the last king, now no birth.

        2 clone TV station

        do not know when to start, many Internet practitioners began to mouth shut up "new media", and a few years ago, they love to say that the new economy". New media, the new economy worth mentioning, innovation is the eternal power of the Internet, but the new where it may not be so many people concerned.

        we should also remember that only five or six years ago, then known as the new economic phenomenon of the Internet, also do not have the ability of the media, this is probably the reason was not called the "new media". Later, when the portal site with traditional media porters, newspapers and magazines and other traditional media content, by a group called "network editor" who moved to the Internet, traditional media and network media derived from moving. Today, no doubt the viability of a new generation of media, the network media is a little bit of eroded traditional media sites, need to worry about a newspaper, what time will disappear?

        perhaps influenced by the first portal, the "new media" people began to do the clone

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