nterview Zhou Hongyi Lei is wishing to do mobile phone Kaba story

[introduction] Lei said: 360 to the traditional mobile phone manufacturers do behind the conspiracy; Zhou boss rumors pinnacle, is said to be financing financing, which is negative; the Internet mobile phone mode of aggression. Don’t trouble Zhou Hongyi millet mobile phone will certainly be better, sell 2000 dollars less than has been vomiting blood.


Lei Jun (micro-blog), (micro-blog) between the war will be how to interpret?

Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi, the two bird called a IT model, called a "war king", the two sides not only on the PC side fighting is done in the wave of mobile phone Internet companies to become a pioneer, at the same time in the industry innovation, set off waves of "reign of terror", they also because of each other the distinctive character was dubbed "Lei Buqun" and "cold chan".

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 4th

With the

mobile phone millet announced $216 million financing, 360 special for the machine on sale, Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi entered into the new stage of the offensive and defensive contest. Why should stand in the Lei back Zhou Hongyi, Zhou Hongyi back to question why lei. Recently, Lei Jun said in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology further, lie repeated one thousand times becomes the truth, to counter Zhou Hongyi.

Lei Jun to remind the public to beware of the 360 traditional mobile phone manufacturers, said 360 now with HUAWEI, TCL cooperation is to cultivate brand, for their own into the mobile phone industry Pathfinder, once the time is ripe to spurn the traditional mobile phone manufacturers had let go it alone, by Kabasiji after the establishment of the antivirus brand kick off the story of Kabasiji again.

Lei Jun also said that he had never called Zhou Hongyi the week has been called the cold Chan ", Zhou boss, because Zhou Hongyi is a businessman, make money, make money, do business to do business, not every day like titianhangdao.

It is reported that

, also known as Zhou Hongyi Lei businessman, but bluntly called "Lei Buqun", and pointed out that millet Lei Jun and do a triathlon is corrupt. Greed is human nature, is to do their own, do not share cooperation. But even if Apple, also need to do more to eat not figured out the application platform, the electricity supplier and accessories."

360 teamed up with traditional manufacturers to do behind the phone conspiracy

, according to Zhou Hongyi, 360 other mobile phone manufacturers to jointly build an open platform for smart phones, in this platform to launch a variety of cost-effective smart phone. As a platform, 360 do not phone, the production of mobile phones by professional hardware manufacturers; 360 do not sell mobile phones, by professional e-commerce companies to provide sales platform.


does not agree with this statement, Lei Jun Zhou Hongyi, said the underlying purpose is to make their own independent mobile phone 360. "You know what type of mobile phone called T3 who, you remember is 360 special machines, mobile phone brand is the most difficult to do. 36>

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