Baidu Putian remediation out of the original sin and business flow phantom


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Baidu and Putian Department of the topic, did not happen before 315, or become a case, some pity. For Baidu, of course, very lucky.

this topic has not been exposed but SAIC, Baidu active and Putian altercation, emphasize the norms of governance, also very lucky.

because, in my eyes, fake topic this topic with ALI, WeChat early last year, even some excessive indulgence mopping up public number topic, essentially different approaches but equally satisfactory results.

is not afraid to offend BAT. It can be said that these topics are too much emphasis on the results of traffic. The former two are PC times long, the latter is the problem of the mobile era.

Baidu this topic, it is also the core of the past years has been questioned, and directed it had a business model.

Baidu started in search engine. A few years after the development of a competitive ranking model, greatly stimulated the advertising business. It is a kind of abnormal and unfair advertising model under the background of traffic. Who has money, who dig much, who is most likely to become the beneficiaries of the market.

to know, medical advertising once accounted for 1/3 of Baidu’s overall advertising revenue. Search business development out of the bidding rankings, even if the direct stop, it is difficult to completely eliminate false medical information. This is a stubborn disease. The bad guys in the legal status of information in the electronic business platform selling. When the lack of historical data, a credit system is not perfect society, it is impossible to completely eliminate fake platform. The reality of the platform, only limited prevention, supervision, after the event, completely eliminate the basic impossible. Unless Ali closed the platform, Baidu to stop the search.

big data is just a technical means, it can not cure. Liar means is also getting higher and higher.

really need to reflect on, is still the whole social level thing. Authorities for the attitude of the Internet, if the lack of tolerance, there will be an official of the trade and Industry Bureau, the kind of industry to ignore the status quo, distorted remarks. The Internet is indeed the most effective tool for building trust in the whole society.

just put it on Baidu, the topic of flooding for a long time, very sensitive, after all, it involves personal health. Now suddenly burst, I guess, how many with 315 after the Qing Dynasty portal. Maybe 315 would worry about it. As for behind the scenes there is no public relations efforts, unknown.

indeed, this did not happen in the case of Baidu, SAIC and Ali quarrel, but also more fortunate.


called Baidu whitening and eliminate commercial action sin. The public should not blindly lashing. After all, is a good thing.

Another important need to reflect on the

, since the birth of the Internet traffic illusion. PC Internet era, the whole social infrastructure is limited, Metcalf’s law is highly respected. >

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