Bitcoin trading platform currency line October outage domain has been resold

renamed China ( September 9th hearing, in December last year, hosting bitcoin trading platform "to enable domain on-line currency", running in less than 1 years, the parent company of friends of poly Hui (Beijing) science and technology business adjustment, the announcement said it would stop operation for coin money treasure website and mobile terminal used in in October 1st, and to remind the user during the completion of the website bitcoin and RMB assets disposal and conversion, and Larry domain fate has become a hot topic among investors.


: currency line network

it is understood that the network is made by former Facebook scientist Jiang Changhao, former Goldman Sachs analyst, co founded by Wang Hao. The site mainly around bitcoin transactions, bitcoin hosting and bitcoin payment based, favored by bitcoin players. But for banks, institutions, there is no regulatory bitcoin, the industry is not optimistic about the majority of people, and people are also commonly used roller coaster to describe the sharp decline in bitcoin.

for the site outage, there are friends said, very concerned about the closure of the currency line, this domain name who falls, there are users responded that the domain name itself is an asset. A good domain name to stay the more valuable, even if the project is closed as well, the domain name is probably between 10-50 million, etc..

micro-blog information

bitcoin Chinese co-founder BTCC Yang Linke @ micro-blog commented that the Shuangpin domain name has already been acquired. But now renamed Chinese query Whois information discovery, in October 2003 registered the domain name, is still displayed in the friends company (Ujuhui Inc) name, the domain name is the news of the sale has yet to be confirmed.

and the bank official said, the company decided to give up the original line of business from the overall strategic point of view. And inform the user explicitly, the current to 15 this month, money and money treasure for the current business can still be used normally; September 15th, interbank transaction price and transaction function function currency and coin treasure will be terminated and okcoin; in September 22nd, the coin will terminate bitcoin recharge, withdrawals and rmb. After the money line business to stop, the friends of the company will gather together to try to help the bank users, to answer questions about the assets of bank account and transfer of assets.

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