Classified information website once again suspected of plagiarism

      not long ago was "zhaochafa" website denounced plagiarism classification information website Kijiji has been explosive plagiarism recently.

      morning, the reporter received friends broke the news, said a special forum in the classified information website "Kijiji alleged plagiarism", similar websites forum topic. Reporter login and Kijiji website, respectively in the two sites in the forum, found the netizen said "Beijing surrounding attractions Daquan (welcome to add) special.

      by contrast, the reporter found the Kijiji report users copy topics, is exactly the same as in the title, content, format, just do a few adjustments in the content, or even the wrong part of both sides are the same: "we hope to have a happy 10 the holiday!" In addition,; special release date for the September 14th release date for September 27th and kijiji.

      reporters for the first time to call, the operations director Liu Xin said, for the behavior of Kijiji declined to comment. Liu Xin also said, Ganji has launched the "national project", including comprehensive diet, entertainment, tourism, training information. Liu Xin remind users to travel during the holiday to pay attention to traffic safety and food hygiene, spend a happy holiday. (commissioning editor admin01)

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