58 go to the market to show affection from tear force domain 58ganji com premeditated

renamed China (eName.cn) April 17th news, this afternoon, 58 city and Ganji officially announced the merger, the 58 city Ganji won 43.2% of the shares, the bloody civil war yesterday’s rival, today will be unanimously. Friends laugh 58 city, a magical ganji.com "," big power power to ride on the donkey said, 58 city, a fair site". This pair of friends is how to come together, domain name witness.



: 58 city market with

to fight quarrelsome lovers

was born the same year, and the same type of website, 58 city and Ganji was doomed from the beginning will be tit for tat nemesis, which in ten years, and the founder of the two sites also have been trying to deliver the goods, tearing force, acrimony, each other.

2013, yaojinbo held "ganji.com" brand name ganjiwang.com was found to enable to build fake ganji.com copycat sites, for a time, the two sides will criticize each other off, another battle, ganji.com denounced 58 city malicious cybersquatting and unfair competition.

2014, the 58 city obtained a strategic stake in Tencent in the high-profile, Yao Jinbo said in an interview that the acquisition will not be ganji.com, because "no acquisition of the meaning of a company, then, Ganji released a letter entitled" a letter to the 58 city public relations department: open letter on a CEO self cultivation ", denounced the 58 city without integrity.

this year, the two companies will spread the news of the merger, there is news that Ganji will cooperate together to fight a lot and real, has acquired 58 city housing.



: 58 city and go to the market in

onlookers shouted together

such a pair from time to time the tear forced the two sites, should continue to fight to fight at outrance, die endlessly, did not want to quickly abandon the hatchet, quickly shook hands and toast. Change the style of fast, buddies are shocked! Why the two on one second still in the fight, the next seconds to show affection?

it is said that this is the crowd of credit. Sources said that the fund is a strong promoter of the merger of the tiger behind the merger, the merger of the two companies to reduce the huge expenditure of the two companies in terms of market publicity, in order to ensure the interests of shareholders. So, the financing of the money to burn, and ganji.com some fund withdrawal of funding by force, had to settle for 58 city.

in addition, the city’s 58 big backer for the merger Tencent also provides strong financial support, the Tencent will be $52 (per ADS) worth $400 million to subscribe for newly issued shares of 58 city, the amount of investment will be used for the 58 city and go to the market.

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