Not outdated Web design trends in 2014

has become the end of summary forecast at the start of the habit of most people. In 2013, a lot of people think that the world would end, we really do not see the sunrise in 2014, but it did not happen, we successfully lived until 2014, so web design field this year and what new development? Is the continuation of the classic or new? Through the master’s prediction, we found some traces. So today we come to share these valuable information! If you have an idea of what I remember in the comments below tell us yo ~

1 Advanced magazine layout


> New York Times the "blue Cherry Tomatoes" ( proves one thing to us, that is the manifestation of the network can be the myriads of changes, only you can not think, no you can not.

with the advent of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript’s progress, the page will be more and more sophisticated, and toward the story of the page will continue to develop.

although some progress, but it was decided to "classic" in the end, many publishing companies refuse to face reality, do not admit that it is the digital age, or the old version. The old man often say that their own children and grandchildren Fu, I think the company’s own company Fu, see how to develop their good fortune.

can come to see us Words alone are no proof., before the case "make reading more stylish! 25 magazine style design"


2 more kinds of fonts

in 2014, blog owners will not only favor the flexible response, magazine layout page, but also to find or design more fonts. Today, the font in the browser is a day to day look good, compact but without losing the sense of beauty, we hope to be able to see better fonts in the web page in 2014, but also hope that designers can find new uses of the font.


3 pure code to create cool


> Google web design tools to make HTML5 animation easier. Google, right.

this year, we will continue to push forward the development of web design. Codepen is a very good example, it makes the HTML5/CSS and javasript combination may change. 2014 we hope that they will be able to combine the better, so that a variety of superior performance.

4 flat interface

Although the 2013

flat interface hot, but there are some bright blind your dog eye defects of titanium alloy. These flaws need to be improved, but the general direction of the design is not changed

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