The new function of V5 0 system of imperial website management


user experience first, good reputation, has many loyal users, in a safe, stable, powerful, flexible and innovative V5.0 Empire website management system features the concept of more than a month ahead of time the time published: "empire website management system version 5 release time is tentatively scheduled for the end of May or early June released". Solicit opinions and requests from users.

by V4.7 directly into the V5.0 version, indicating that this update released a large number of users of the new requirements of the proposal is bound to be a big move.

first, all versions of V5.0 (including free version) are no longer restricted, open the administrator number limit and the number of model constraints, the system model custom installation, it has been the webmaster of enthusiasm.

from the official at the 2008-05-05, has completed the function list of V5.0, the official added a lot of new breakthrough type function, and adopt different users from the CMS mainstream status contrast of different problems, to adapt to the requirements of most people. Such as templates, collection, custom system model has been considered to be the most easy to get started, do a further update, the webmaster use V5. 0 will become more convenient, more expanded, more free.

Empire site management system V5.0 is so far not only found a security problem CMS. Believe in the Empire, what kind of Web site you need to achieve the function of landing the Empire’s official website Empire will be more wonderful because of you!

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