Amoy network station to Taobao B2C open snatch Baidu advertising share

Tencent science and technology news November 15th news, Taobao’s own search engine, a scouring network announced today that the site is now open to the public to test its Open Search (open search) services. Through the service, a B2C e-commerce website and Taobao will achieve docking station, users can find partners commodity information in addition to Taobao outside the station in the relevant search results, it also shows that the Amoy network officially open out of the business department, the whole network search step.

according to Amoy network director Zhang Qian, in an open search on the line, as long as the user in a Amoy merchandise search page to enter keywords to search, you can search to the whole network of goods, click into the user can directly access the business cooperation self independent shopping website page, users can use ID or Alipay ID login, and finally use Alipay to complete the transaction settlement.

Zhang Qian also said that at present the first with a scouring network open search test vertical B2C website has more than and 10, including Dixon’s shopping site of Beijing mobile phone network, Disney website professional master so influential in their respective areas of vertical B2C business.

Zhang Qian said, "a lot of the original vertical B2C businesses in the traffic and visibility is a bottleneck, a lot of manpower, material and financial costs affect the development of e-commerce operators confidence in a certain extent. In the Amoy network open search on-line, B2C business cooperation with us in the premise of maintaining independent brand and independent operation, they have the opportunity to share Taobao users and traffic, greatly saves the cost of marketing, promotion of brand value".

Zhang Qian also revealed that a Amoy network to search the future of the main source of goods will be achieved through cooperation and grab two aspects. At present, a Amoy only open the cooperation of the merchant’s merchandise search, in the near future will be further achieved by means of technology to capture the entire network of goods. However, in order to ensure that consumers can get the most effective commodity information, a Amoy commodity open search will have a certain threshold of access". He said, in the future, whether it is a cooperative business or non cooperative businesses, we will review the quality of the business, to provide users with the most secure information."

in foreign countries, the search engine is considered to be the largest e-commerce website access to the entrance, which is the reason Google has been able to consistently according to the top of the Internet business value.

Zhang Qian said, "Google search on products, businesses on the vertical B2C online orders, to the store to pick up" is already forming foreign consumption chain and business process, but this process is not complete in China. Baidu, China’s largest search engine, is currently unable to search for Taobao’s products, so it takes up the largest share of China’s search market, but it can’t afford to buy it. Under the influence of the new economic environment, people’s passion for online shopping has long been detonated, so a Amoy open search on the line, to promote the development of China’s network consumption, so that the whole e-commerce chain more perfect >

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