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Jingdong home advertising quotation (Tencent technology plan)

according to the electricity supplier Gong Wenxiang bid, Jingdong recently issued to the merchant Jingdong advertising quotation, and the new home of selling a single product advertising form, among them, the advertising price according to the location, the price is not the same. Jingdong official did not respond to this.

it is understood that the Jingdong in a single product price highest screen position is "panic buying" and "flash sale" in two categories, the price can reach 25 thousand yuan for 1 days, "selling goods", "" commodity "," new line "of the advertising price 8000 yuan for 1 days. Jingdong home page and other areas, such as beauty floor single product, a single product price slightly lower floor life.

this also means that Jingdong accelerate the pace of advertising realized. Previously, Mary billion CEO fine Ke Xing said, Jingdong mall 2012 advertising revenue of nearly 200 million yuan. Some analysts believe that, with the search advertising platform and Jingdong open platform advertising system on the line, the flow of Jingdong realized the move is more obvious, the future revenue from advertising will be higher.

in fact, Jingdong has also been in recent years, advertising efforts. Not long ago, Jingdong online search advertising platform "Jingdong express, each category invited a part of the business test. Jingdong express form: in the search page left column show "promotion of goods" and "bottom goods"; clothing shoes and hats three categories increased above the page "hot recommendation" position.

Jingdong said the launch of the service is designed to provide consumers with high-quality products, while helping brand customers to enhance brand awareness and product visibility. Jingdong open platform advertising system is considered to be a reference for Taobao model. Taobao through the car is paid by the effect of marketing tools to bring exposure to the product, but also to achieve a precise promotion.

earlier, Cheng Junyi, senior vice president of Jingdong mall, said Jingdong open platform advertising system will be launched in early 2013, for the use of the third party merchants. However, Cheng Junyi said that Jingdong mall advertising system will take consumer satisfaction and bidding mode of payment, and Taobao train is not exactly the same.

it is reported that the Jingdong is open up more channels to improve profit margins, the income flow into, in addition to push advertising services, Jingdong also launched many other services, such as online digital music platform, application platform, push the taxi, lottery, tourism, logistics and the introduction of open financial services, banking bound upstream and downstream manufacturers, hoping to achieve this year’s quarterly earnings.

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