Taobao yesterday SAC SAC official website and then removed the white paper

8 SAIC released the white paper

15 points Taobao said it would complain

16 Taobao set up fake special warfare battalion

18 official website removed the white paper

the ups and downs of the story is really too busy to attend to all. The day before yesterday, Taobao issued an administrative micro-blog 80 Taobao second open letter to Secretary of State Administration for Industry and Commerce: the network supervision department named Liu, questioned the existing problems in the procedure of improper sampling net sales of goods, SAIC released in response to 10 points last night. The first morning yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce hung out at the official website of half a year ago completed but unpublished "on the Alibaba group administrative guidance work of the white paper", pointed out that Ali network trading platform there are 5 aspects. Then Taobao at 3 pm in the official micro issued a statement, saying it would not shirk the responsibility to fight against fake and will be a formal complaint. Yesterday evening, SAIC removed the white paper on its official website.

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; business moves

released six months ago to monitor the white paper

at 8 yesterday morning, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce close to seven thousand words in the official website to hang out a white paper. The white paper is formed in the background, in July 16, 2014, the State Administration for Industry and commerce network supervision department administrative guidance working group in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau (Market Supervision Bureau) in Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau held a symposium on administrative guidance, the Alibaba group is mainly responsible for personnel and departments of the core management team, accept the administrative guidance. SAIC explained the white paper six months ago and the reasons for the current disclosure – in order not to affect the progress of the work before the Department of Ali listed, the forum in the form of internal closed. In view of the current regulatory situation, for the clearance of all sorts of cognition, the administrative guidance Forum on truthful disclosure".

white paper said, "our supervisor staff on the basis of network transaction management approach" and other relevant laws and regulations, carries out a detailed analysis and summary in view of the problem of illegal Ali network trading platform and Tmall mall in the main entrance, merchandise sales, transaction management and other aspects of the long-standing, pointed out 5 aspects of 19 questions. Around Industrial and Commercial Bureau representative added 6 other aspects of the problem.

In addition to the problems raised by the

, the white paper on the requirements of the work of the Alibaba group also put forward the corresponding requirements, and the wording of the sentence is quite sharp. For example, the white paper requires Alibaba to hold the bottom line, overcome arrogance. There is no special law before the market players, Ali department chief executives have a bottom line awareness and bottom line thinking". The Alibaba group at the time of the position also appeared in the white paper, Alibaba said, the biggest risk of its own existence from three aspects, fake, intellectual property and speculation credit. Alibaba group’s lack of experience in emerging markets management, communication with the regulatory authorities is not enough."

at the end of the white paper, SAIC said "to strengthen the third"

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