A 100 million yuan B round of financing daily income of nearly 1 million

July 8th news, one announced the company has completed 100 million yuan B+ round of financing. Financing from CMC lead investor, a partner, Pegasus tour with the cast.

for this financing, the founder of Xu Husheng circle of friends in WeChat, said: we are a small company on the line less than two years, nearly 200 million of cash reserves, daily income of nearly 1 million, but the market potential is greater. Our electronic business platform officially launched, but more than two months, on the accumulation of hundreds of thousands of buyers. Basic user 20 million, is still far from enough to continue to expand the user, bigger revenue."

Xu Husheng was the former editor of "the Bund pictorial, well-known media people. A WeChat as a carrier, the daily push to the user positioning in the life, trends and literature, the short video.

in September 8, 2014, after a preparation for 4 months after the first video issued "can actually create such a beautiful house in the 300 thousand". This video is the protagonist of a cost is not high, but it is two storey building film location, issued after they received more than 400 thousand hits.

in May this year, a launch of electricity supplier products. Up to now, an electricity supplier products accumulated hundreds of thousands of buyers, Xu Husheng is expected by the end of the living museum SKU can be over ten thousand.

in October this year, one also plans to launch APP. APP positioning in the middle class lifestyle platform to content + electricity supplier way to bring together global quality products. This plan was described as Xu Husheng to create a mobile end Muji, IKEA, eslite".

"China on the Internet, good content is flooded, a good product is also flooded," Xu Husheng think, "a user accumulation and reputation accumulation, electricity supplier in terms of release has just begun".

a financing:

2014 received millions of yuan investment and whale capital; the same year by Zhi capital letters, SIG A round of millions of dollars of investment; the 2015 was CMC, the abundance of capital investment fund, Harvest Fund, closely reasoned and well argued several ten million yuan investment.

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