Email marketing required mail signature settings of 5 common mistakes


don’t be old-fashioned, you must mail signature lively and interesting! (but you don’t overdo it.


if the title sucks, people won’t read your email. According to a 2012 study by Varonis, a software company, the average person receives more than $more than and 50 a day, and 1/4 receives more than $100 a day.

let’s say your title is good enough, and the recipient opens up your email. But not yet, there is another element that is often overlooked: your signature below the mail. It may be an opportunity for the recipient to make a lasting impression,


"it’s easy to forget that the mail subject and text, as well as a talent shows itself place," Cassera Communications, a personal branding expert Melissa · (Melissa Cassera); Cassara said, "I will sign a message as wit and delighting others."

Constant Contact email marketing supplier market development director Ron · Katz (Ron Cates) also acknowledged the importance of signature: "this is an excellent marketing opportunity, the difficulty must be concise and to the point," he said. "If used improperly, may backfire."

said the best way to optimize the kasala and Katz signatures, is to avoid making the following five common mistakes:

1 lists all contact details

when you have multiple phone numbers, email addresses, websites and social networking accounts, you might want to list them all. Cassara said this approach completely mistaken.


"the recipient can’t stand it," she said. Instead, you only need to list one or two ways to contact. You can add a word to tell each other how to get in touch with you. For example, the end of the message in the "Twitter Kassala is the fastest way to me, with her Twitter account.

Katz says too many connections can make you look too desperate, and may confuse the recipient. "Unless you have a store or an office, it doesn’t make sense," he said. "You can add 1 to 2 social networking icons, but remember not too much. The more choices you offer, the lower the chance that the other person will click."

2 with pictures to do the signature file

a number of email providers or devices have the default settings to intercept the mail image. If your signature is an image with a name, title, and logo, you have to be mentally prepared and the recipient may not see anything at all!


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