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salesman call every day to do PPC, everyone all kinds of style, stage, change a day to turn the bombing of the company responsible for the line. A few bad personality colleagues, it is inevitable to say some not too good to listen to the words, the site has not been Baidu included, do not know whether there is a relationship with this, but it is to explore another way to promote the site.


website from September on the line, and do a lot of work for example, posting in the major sites, in the Beijing campus BBS post, find the campus agent, the campus activities are combined with practical experience, share with you before, want to do in Baidu promotion, and several clerks also do the communication is often everyone in the money are very proficient, how much money do reflect very agile, but the specific to its targeted Tidianyijian, everyone dumbfounded, let me very unhappy. Although we boutique Campus Companies strength and Baidu cannot be mention in the same breath, but the customer service we have customers regardless of size, as long as the campus advertising, campus activities related to the campus market planning, campus activities, campus campus channel development, sales agents and other comprehensive, customer tailored system solutions, and Baidu the clerk is feeling with you think of stealing money, click once to a few cents, rather than with their own advantages to make the line more practical.

specific as follows:

1, mass information. The provisions of the company’s employees every day in the recruitment website recruitment information, on the one hand, in order to promote the site, on the other hand, find some useful full-time or part-time talent. Within a week the basic coverage of the major well-known sites.

2, campus bbs. Using the company’s campus resources in Beijing more than and 40 all influence of the campus BBS forum posts, in addition to the website of the business to do a detailed propaganda, such as Nike low discount campus, Korean women, and mobile phone digital products.

3, campus agents and activities. In the 40 universities in the recruitment of hundreds of campus agents, on the one hand to open up the face to face sales line, on the one hand, the use of agents to send the site’s promotional leaflets for in-depth publicity.

4, blog marketing. The company is mainly responsible for the market to open up a number of colleagues in the major portals of the blog, publishing related boutique campus related business and website information.

5, more than a month for more than a month, the effect is very significant, mobile phones, clothing and other goods have begun to take the initiative, the campus agent is also very high 4. But the site has not been included in Baidu and Google. Later, our consultants, told the webmaster network, this is a very good webmaster exchange platform, to do a good job of the site, the above article from start to finish.

6, Adsense nets. I quickly went to the webmaster network for some learning, and the night to write the university campus online shopping road where the article, this article will soon be verified and approved. The morning of the second day of a search using Google key in, found a fine.

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