The Olympic Games marketing website enduring as the universe article

Olympic Games marketing website —-

(enduring as the universe)

wrote the article suggested that we should not write too long, people do not have so much time to read,

this article to talk about the effect of advertising on the site, we do not look down on, you can stand a lot of help, take the Olympic Games in the middle of the site’s advertising to talk about it

look at Sohu (Sohu)


impact, see advertisements know very impact, someone asked to see the Olympic Games, in which website good ah, know people will say (see the Olympic Games on the Sohu), so simple, soon can also convey to the other people that made it, so the house in the Olympic Games weight. (I was in Guangzhou, Guangzhou to see the bus are covered, watching the Olympic Games on Sohu)

to allow more people to participate in the Olympic Games (hope ridge)


affinity, see advertisements that have an affinity for people who want to read, not to participate in this will not work, affinity, whether you belong to what type of person (expert, I, Bitch or ordinary users) or you have it scold not to export, hate not into the heart, the important point is that it also tells users it is also in the coverage of the Olympic Games, to participate in the Olympic Games on Wang Jia Ling

NetEase 2008 reports of the Olympic Games, the fabric of human power (NetEase)


combat type, the Olympic Games is the movement, blood, the word power, NetEase to action, the lead in the Olympic Games on the report, want to experience the people, will not go up body

five gold medal strategic partner (Tencent)


local strategy, as reported by the Sohu from the Olympic Games, the Tencent reported only part of the storm, (table tennis, badminton, weightlifting, swimming, gymnastics) will be the Tencent winning weapon, want to see the Olympic Games these users may be more willing to Tencent

in the Olympic Games come to the end, you do publicity for your website? This is to keep the existing small method of IP and IP increased, if you do is brand website, business is China website, you do not mean that advertising on the home page position, most users still Chinese compared with love patriotic website, let them always be loyal to your website > powder

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