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A few days ago to see someone say

QQ bookmarks to promote the site, now I teach you QQ with another product — surging to promote.

this is also found by chance. First say is how I found that in order to invite friends to join a must add five Tao friends, and to focus on each other, this is not what, go there to mess with a surging, and it is not a plus, dozens of friends, Tao, ha ha. Invite friends to join in after surging surging. Not long after I added QQ "thousand passengers robot" didi ringing non-stop, I found it was just to see the message with friends the deep in their surging hair "chatter", then I will go up inspiration — on my website released a nagging, "under my promotion rice consumption resource network. Just do it, open the dialog box to enter my robot thousand passengers, saying: "a good website today found: Shuyang station free resources, there issued a lot of free resources. Oh, and share." I think my friends certainly those thousand passengers the robot Tao didi ringing! I went to a mad with Tao friends, every day after the release of my rice to eat free resources website nagging. We can also put a set into any visible state, you are also shown in the nagging surging home, anyone can see Oh, this day came from a few dozen IP. If you want more traffic how many friends of the tao.

think this is not more than QQ mass machine is also useful ah, huh, huh. Add him thousands of people, every day a nagging, flow is not small Oh

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