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micro business, this new term, is now controversial, opponents of it, saying that it will soon live, support it, said it is the subversion of the traditional electricity supplier. However, no matter how popular evaluation, micro business, sellers circle of friends, still in force swept Ten thousand steeds gallop.

so why are so many people pouring into the micro industry?

personally, I think there are three main reasons.

first, now the people are not satisfied with their income, all want to work part-time to earn extra money, there are some housewives, no work, no work every day, these two people are the major groups of micro business, they have the time, energy and ambition. In fact, this problem is also the reason why people choose to do micro business.

second, micro providers of the industry’s low threshold to life – 0 cost. As long as you have a smart mobile phone can go to WeChat, you can do anyway, products for someone to give you a picture on behalf of, anyway, you are offered, you just responsible for sales.

third, micro quotient created a wealth of myths. So many people earn money, low cost, to achieve entrepreneurial play while making money, especially for many 80 90 have no background, a group of people who have no experience, but also to earn money. Many college students, just to participate in the work of the people, while in school, part-time, earn wages higher; there are some housewives, they can’t work while doing micro business, can take the children also can make money.

sounds very simple and very beautiful appearance, but the fact is that so? I see is that many people do have many kinds of micro business "," demand to meet everyone thinking, want to let the others all need in life are ready. Then, start aimlessly scraper, the entire space WeChat brush full, especially out of order things brush. The results lead to a circle of friends everywhere filled with micro business information, and ultimately be shielded, was pulled black.

in fact, this is a common problem most people do micro business. What do you want to do, see what to make money, you want to cross a foot, but never thought how to manage their own in the end. What all want to grasp the hand, and found nothing caught. I found that doing a good micro business master, have something in common.

first, product quality

micro business master has its own unique advantages in products on the one hand, they can get first-hand sources, and the quality of the product is very good! For example, sell some red dates of micro business, some people are home grown red dates, their packaging, their collocation, can control the profit in the piece, at least not being led by the nose, but it is not possible to have such conditions are all micro.

so, what on earth should I do?". To find a good supply channels, it is best to have the resources, if not, to find a slightly better point of the product.

second, real

a lot of people doing micro business, like hi

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