How the nternet people how to expand their contacts on find someone

usually have to see friends in the WeChat group asked: there are people who know XX company?. Or in a circle of friends to see: a circle of friends, ah, ah, can help introduce the company’s XX?.

so the initiation of the idea, sort out the Internet to find effective ways for people. This article just sort out some of the ways to find people, does not involve how to expand the level of relations. Want to have a deeper relationship, it is more important to make yourself a good partner. The third me more about how love internet business cooperation.

looking for three principles in the process of

reciprocity principle

please find the principle of reciprocity. Other people’s time is precious, please help others, holding a grateful heart. You can give him a small red envelope, you can go to help him a little busy, you can recommend their company’s products, you can also tell him: next time there is a need to find people, you can ask me.

information management

in the process of looking for people and maintaining contacts, information management is essential. Whether it is a mobile phone mail list, or after the QQ, WeChat good friends, it is very necessary to note and group work, information management helps the circulation of information faster.

here to WeChat as an example, you can add a friend after the first time to ask the other side of the electronic business card, and then set the name and label of its WeChat.

80% energy in contact with the 20% person

will be 80% of the energy used in contact with the 20% of the people, and more exchanges and cooperation with them.

people’s time and energy is limited, you can not answer all the requests, so you need to focus on 80% of your favorite and most willing to communicate with the 20% people.


let others find you

1, put on a personal label, will be linked with the company’s own position.

1, after the entry of the company, you can circle of friends, micro-blog and other social ways to tell you what you are now dynamic: in which company, what position, behind what is responsible for what kind of cooperation.

2, business card update is essential.

to meet new friends and form a good habit of exchanging business cards.

3, circle of friends issued regularly on their own work and company information.

can be a number of new policies in the near future, can be a number of recent work on the harvest, you can also be their own and colleagues, such as the well-being of the sun.

2, a comprehensive revision of personal notes, increase personal profile, what resources they have to seek cooperation

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