Ant King is seeking more than 3 billion in financing PO may have to wait

although the ant suit has not publicly discussed IPO’s schedule or potential venue, it is expected that the financing negotiations will be held before the initial public offering.


passed for a long time to go on the market of ant gold clothes, may have to wait.

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the Information reported that the Chinese most valuable online financial companies are from the buying spree to build a business empire from India to Texas. People familiar with the negotiations said that in order to finance its overseas transactions, Ali’s financial services group is an early discussion with the bank to raise more than $3 billion, may be issued through bonds or bank loans. The Information points out that although the ant suit has not publicly discussed the schedule or potential venue for IPO, it is expected that the financing negotiations will take place before the initial public offering.

ant Alipay payment service 450 million users last year, announced the completion of the B round of more than $4 billion 500 million in equity financing, valuation has reached $60 billion, the valuation of more than rival PayPal, which is about $50 billion. After the actual control of the Ant King is Ma ma.

makes the IPO more attractive to investors or its potential growth in the world. In recent years, due to the rapid growth of domestic tourists and the need to break through the local ceiling, Ant King is accelerating the layout of overseas markets.

the end of last month, the ant gold suit announced to spend $880 million acquisition of U.S. company MoneyGram International fast remittance service (MoneyGram), then MoneyGram said in a statement, the ants will also assume the financial or refinancing of the company based on Dallas high debt.

as of September last year, the total debt of $937 million 300 thousand. But MoneyGram, ant is gold suit can be 100 000 small local service shop (mom-and-pop shops) and Chinese buyers docking, promote the payment transaction between them, this is Ma in practice before Dad promised to Trump.

, however, the depth of the ants to further expand the development of force in asia. In Asia, ant gold service in 2015 shares in India’s largest electronic wallet Paytm, and become the largest shareholder of the latter; in November 2016, the ant gold clothing strategic investment in Thailand to pay the enterprise Ascend Money. The two is to expand the ant gold suit hopes Alipay model is copied to the two developing countries. In addition, Alipay also launched the first Internet Bank in Korea K-bank.

in addition to all kinds of money to buy buy buy, and foreign payment processing company

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