Entering the Wangzhuan to make novice friends

Wangzhuan circle has always remember saying: thousands on thousands of ways to make money online, must be able to put complicated things simple and feasible, but the most simple is the best, you can play fine.

for the novice to do Wangzhuan to meet these 5 conditions:

1, independent thinking, a good vision.

2, a certain amount of time online every day.

3, character accumulates, the character is not corrupt.

4, know how to invest, know how to work hard!


know spring a millet, seed harvest 10000 simple philosophy

novice new Wangzhuan, tend to be out of order on the network advertising to get confused and disoriented, to give you a list of several common tricks to make money online:

network marketing: pay for membership, by the development of offline money, online offline, offline under earn money; compared with the traditional marketing, network spread wider, faster, and marketing products are not limited to cosmetics, medicines and other objects, including computer software, information etc..

promised to make money to pay: this liar is currently the largest, under the guise of them under the banner of first to make money to pay tuition, find a project that you do, you must do it before doing additional investment, and these additional investment is their main purpose, as long as you believe these additional investment, they will the money for this project, you need to have to spend money on their website, the domain name do buy a space station, after buying care for you, they do stand to sell space domain has made money from you.

onhook day to earn a few hundred: this trick is also more common, crooks tend to do a single page, then blowing head not to hang up, commitment can earn two hundred or three hundred a day or more, then you spend tens of dollars to buy items, will give you a software, then let you hang. In fact, the software is the brush flow alliance integral, integral enough (some can be exchanged for cash flow alliance is indeed able to hang up to earn money, but a week to earn a few dollars on the good) have some crooks do this matter to you, but some cheat is one after another trick, they you will engage in traffic and then hang up the League onhook software, points to the very high, but a liar will show this federation and software and has nothing to do, you spend money to buy the items sometimes will give you a two level domain name website When the integral, can have enough cash for it K my account, that is hanging 2 level domain name will be K, 1 level domain name will then allow you to pay a few hundred dollars to do a 1 websites, imagine a day up can earn two hundred or three hundred dollars, let you go two hundred or three hundred to do a website, you can invest? After paying the money, cheat will take you directly pull the black matter to you.

three is a common trick to, in fact there are many, like every color and type to make money and so on are not credible, novice make friends must pay attention to


beginner must >

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