Business running self logistics cost account 10 thousand square meters warehouse 10 million yuan

Shanghai Fengxian Xiao town, covers an area of peripheral fast and easy network logistics center in Shanghai 40 thousand square meters of the quiet. Into the warehouse, it is a busy, more than and 10 cars kept busy shuttle in the shelf and packaging not more than a few hundred meters away from the distance between.

Yi Xun logistics department responsible person Lu Liguo told reporters, from the user orders, system audit, financial statements, seized goods, packaging, and then shipped, can only be completed within half an hour." This makes it impossible for all staff in the warehouse to waste a single minute.

this is a new but ambitious company, since last year was close to the acquisition of a wholly owned Tencent, in the logistics, warehousing, accelerate the pace of construction. Recently, the Tencent plans to drop into the national electricity market, leveraging $1 billion among them, Yi Xun network plays an important role in infrastructure service providers.

fact, logistics potential such as tigers, Tencent’s fast and easy network is but a new army "". Jingdong, mall also launched the construction of logistics warehouse, be in full swing, scale ifheavier.

last August, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong publicly said that within 3 years Jingdong will invest $10 billion for logistics construction. Suning also plans to 2015 to complete the construction of the country’s 60 logistics base, built in 2020, 10 automated warehouse, is expected to invest $10 billion.

electricity providers engage in logistics, has become more and more big. Hundreds of billions of dollars or even tens of billions of warehousing and logistics has become a war between the electricity supplier without smoke.

recently, where the two Jingdong and e-commerce sites also are to the State Postal Bureau to submit "certificate" the courier business license application, is caused by the "four up" and other private courier industry concerns and objections.


prices running Logistics

according to the reporter, the current fast and easy network in Shanghai, Beijing and three cities in Shenzhen has a storage center. Easy fast network requirements in these cities to achieve one day three to send, within 200 km to reach one day to send two, 200-600 km to do the next day to send the service level. The fastest logistics can be achieved on the day of 11:00 single user, the same day 14:00 sent.

time is the word of mouth, but also competitiveness, behind the test is a large-scale capital investment, as well as strict management system.

according to Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi introduction, with the support of Tencent, in Shanghai, the new construction of more than 230 thousand square meters of storage center, has been basically completed the tender, started in, plans to build in 2014. After the completion of the storage center, will become comparable to the world’s leading intelligent warehouse. In addition, this year, Yi Xun network will also be stored in the center of Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi’an 3 cities.

in addition, Lu Liguo told reporters, easy fast network management is very strict, for example: before and after the two knock on the door should not be less than 3 seconds pause; each delivery must face >

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