Shop No 1 to respond to layoffs normal flow of personnel

NetEase science and technology news September 28th news, recently, a number of employees from the 1 shop employees leave the message shows that there are a large number of stores in the middle of the following 1 managers or supervisors ready to leave. "WAL-MART No. 1 store staff redundancy, want to cut, but not when layoffs, everyone was gone." A person who has just started from the 1 shop to leave the business, now No. 1 is queuing to leave."

this, shop No. 1 to respond to the science and technology of NetEase said that this is the normal flow of personnel in the field of the internet.

said recently, shop No. 1, No. 1 store management team and staff have a small number of people choose to leave, but at the same time, there are many outstanding talents to join Shop No. 1, this is a normal personnel flow field of the internet.

WAL-MART, a wholly owned subsidiary, the number 1 store will maintain the original location and direction, WAL-MART strong financial support and supply chain integration capabilities, continue to provide users with a good shopping experience.

at present, there are many stores with WAL-MART 1 projects are in progress or advance, we will at the appropriate time to share with you.

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