Spring uncle Lin adult supplies electricity supplier that thing

chunshuitang founder Lin Degang

, a more than and 40 year old middle-aged men, often in the circle of friends to share the topic of gender, or show some pink or green toys, you think he’s a "hooligan", but in fact it is he has done 11 years of career.

Lin Degang, founder of Adult supplies store hall, called "Chun Shu", the pseudonym "carry knives". The hall was founded in 2002, locating fun supplies retailers and brands, early done electricity supplier turned to join, after the failure of the focus once again turn the electricity supplier.

when more and more city pink fun shops appeared, the long-term industry usher in development opportunities: carefully conceal mentioning chunshuitang sales gender health care, sex toys, sexy costumes these three products, in 2013 sales revenue of nearly 100 million yuan. Chunshuitang’s team wrote in the press release, "this is the first face of the media" was founded 11 years ago, and announced the completion of the A round of financing 20 million yuan.

now is the best time to do publicity chunshuitang: vip.com, jumei.com by capital sought, prove the pseudo vertical electric providers are not. The long term in the state of adult products in a state of wealth, who can be the first to start the brand in the electricity supplier bonus, will be able to grab more market share in the total size of 30 billion plates.

in banzhebanyan Adult supplies industry with 11 years, are labeled "Chinese sex preacher" label Lin Degang, is definitely a story to see many uncle. He will open the store experience fun to write a best-selling book "or" gender column bring a romance to a happy ending, many well-known fashion media writer.

Lin Degang looks very honest, speak to pay great attention to the right off the reel, words to avoid misunderstanding. Without the cooperation or Luntan interview, his role is easily converted into intimate uncle: encourage ashamed to talk about the men and women of all kinds of potential correct view, correct view of the body, the enjoyment of sex.

"you must think I’m a famous athlete." Often known as the "rogue" title Lin Degang very accustomed to self black, usually a laugh after stressed that this matter by itself is colorless, but look at the people wearing tainted glasses.

Lin Degang looks much younger than 40 years old, he is doing this industry more than the average person hormone. He and ordinary entrepreneurs do not have two kinds of ordinary T-shirt jeans and heartfelt dedication and enthusiasm.

In this

and Sina Technology Exchange, Lin Degang talked a lot, including in the internal management of how to define the erotic power lines, Ma Jiajia phenomenon triggered what men hormone sensitive sectors should do marketing, taste of intelligent hardware in the end do not reliable.

in Lin Degang planning, electricity supplier is not the ultimate goal, there are self-developed products chunshuitang, have a clear plan on the electricity supplier after: a high-tech consumer electronics company.


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