More than the country’s friends were unilaterally canceled orders Amazon

"double eleven" is coming, I believe that many users have an ample supply of ammunition for the "shopping", however, for some businesses are illogical ultra low price should be especially wary — global well-known e-commerce site Amazon due to ultra-low prices to attract consumers but can not be honored and pushed in the teeth of the storm. Recently, the Chengdu public Mr. Lee in the online shopping waiting to receive the goods encountered a problem: he purchased the goods in the Amazon website orders, was suddenly informed of the stock out of the store, order cancellation.

Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned that, like Mr. Lee as consumers in the country there are many. "Have to buy things, businesses can cancel out? Can have the goods again, why to unilaterally cancel the order without cause?" consumers have doubts over a bit angry.




September 2012

Consumers in the Amazon

Xia watches new promotional activities, the total price of 396 yuan for 3 pieces of each unit in one thousand yuan of watches, after Amazon unilaterally canceled orders

November 2013

Amazon to 161.99 yuan price Thanksgiving promotional price of $1799 TV, said after the price is wrong, unilaterally cancel the order

January 2014

Nanchang consumers in the Amazon to 645 yuan photographed a $6000 camera, Amazon to cancel the order on the grounds of system error

Chengdu citizen

94 yuan second grab sweeping machine

October 29th, Mr. Lee, Chengdu people visit the Amazon Web site, eyes suddenly was ninety percent off seconds grab sweeping robot attracted. Favorite online shopping, he immediately to 94 yuan / unit price, second grab the original price of two of the sweeping robot. However, the Amazon site has not yet shipped.

in November 3rd, Mr. Lee received a cancellation order from Amazon mail. The message said: "Dear Amazon customers to order goods in your order: Ecovacs ECOV-ACS intelligent household sweeper robot cleaner treasure Tomahawk CEN360, because order goods out of stock to meet your order intention. If you have already paid, the cancellation will be returned to your Amazon account balance or the original payment card." Soon after, Mr. Lee received a refund of the amazon.

Lee said, the site only sent an e-mail, I did not agree, how suddenly canceled yesterday, the reporter login Amazon site, did not query the relevant brand model of the product.


merchandise out of stock order cancelled

yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the official telephone customer identity amazon. After listening to the reporter

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