Kill the phishing insurance companies competing Chinese registered domain name

Recently, the reporter learned from the relevant domain name registration agency, in order to promote the application of Internet insurance civilians, major insurance companies have registered and enabled the Chinese domain name. After the insurance industry to become the banking sector, the full opening of the Chinese domain name of the second financial sector. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Huaan breath registered with the "Huaan", "Huaan life", "Huaan property insurance", "Huaan insurance" and other keywords related to the 15 Chinese domain names.

and several veteran insurance company also has applied Chinese domain agenda, consumers visit the insurance enterprise website, just enter the Chinese, input can be directly accessed in the address bar. Entry of foreign insurance companies China also has registered many Chinese domain, and applied, such as the United States metropolitan life, in the life, the United States of Baode, Canada, Switzerland letter Sun Life Insurance in Zurich have started the relevant domain name Chinese. It seems the industry, the major insurance companies have enabled the Chinese domain name, with the development of online insurance is closely related to demand. Chinese domain as a pure culture of "network number", has the function and effect of English identical with the domain name, but compared with the English domain, the pure Chinese characteristics makes Chinese Internet users use up no barriers. This is the reason many insurance companies have to register and enable the Chinese domain name. Insurance companies have enabled the Chinese domain name, but also by the successful application of the Bank of Chinese domain name inspired. In the online banking is booming today, in order to prevent phishing, guarantee the security of online banking, not long ago, the bank fully enabled Chinese domain, so as to maximize avoid consumers because English domain was the site of fraud false word. Chinese domain as a pure cultural domain, has uniqueness, can be avoided and deceived by English domain name input error, the phishing nipped in the Internet at the entrance, the address bar, nip in the bud.

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