Jingdong nut Pie literature is not like consumers

, a stage, a beam of light, a five minute completely belongs to you solo…… The afternoon of January 10th, a talk about the feelings of the party in the 798 Art District held the ACE cafe.



Jingdong to hammer technology, has just completed the price and selling in the Jingdong on the mobile phone users nuts as the core, gathered a group of loyal fans and nuts Jingdong loyal users of mobile phone. We were sitting together to talk about their feelings, feelings of different life experiences in the conversation, gradually emerged from a closed feelings of nuts, a group of like-minded friends.

party starts at 2 p.m., each participant to the scene, have the opportunity to use the time of five minutes to share their understanding of feelings. Special invited Jingdong mall 3C division director of integrated marketing senior director Chu Chu Chu, director of the hammer technology products, as well as the banana fish band as a guest of affection, interaction with the participants.


in the host after the opening, the participants have come to share their feelings story. They are models, painting, music and a hand, boxer, football fans, shoes, tour pal control etc.. Some of these participants share their feelings to bring their own collections to display, or photos and videos, and tells the story behind them. Their feelings are not the same, but they have experienced the vicissitudes of time and the test of time, like nuts, tenacious, pure.


Present product director Mr. Zhu Xiaomu

of the hammer technology is set off a climax, everyone wants to listen to this is supposed to be an architect, but love furniture design, finally became a hammer mobile phone product manager, he is with a kind of feelings. After that, the band banana fish also shared their feelings about their rock, a group of nine to five office workers because the music together and how to adhere to the dream story. In order to put these interesting stories to share out, go to the mobile phone Jingdong koalas radio broadcast live, let more people hear about these dreams and feelings of the story.

Jingdong · nuts school party since January 6th in the Jingdong community, hammer technology official forum, the official micro-blog WeChat and other major KOL platform also launched recruitment. On the first day of recruitment, # Jingdong sent # nuts that caused a warm response topic of netizens in Sina micro-blog, read the topic of breakthrough million times. We actively participate in online discussions at the same time, can not wait to share their feelings story.


why should be held this Jingdong nut pie, Jingdong relevant responsible person said: compared with other brands, the feelings of the implied meaning of the phone is a product beyond the overflow >

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